VILLA SMART 8 – Back up solution with 8 Pcs ( 315Wp Solar Panel).


8 K5/20,000Whr/2520Wp.

Has 8pcs – 315Wp solar panel, 8 battery pack (96VDC) back up solution, Hybrid inverter and a 60-150A charge controller.

Product is a unique combination off Grid connectivity & energy generation through renewable source -Solar
Product designed for reliability, Scalable system that allows for integration of any solar capacity required
Integrates both grid and generator power with dual AC inputs, Supports DC coupled & AC coupled off grid & grid tie architectures..


Datasheet: Villaya MG08_Datasheet_EN – FINAL



Power characteristics.

Inverter/Charger: 1 x Conext XW+ 8548 8,5kW.

Continuous Load: 6800 W
Peak Load (30 minutes): 8500 W
Peak Load (5 Seconds): 12000 W

Battery Voltage: 96V DC (210AH/12V).

Charge Controller: 1 x Conext MPPT 60-150