LED Drivers

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  • 30W 24V LED Driver

    KShs 1,500.00 Inc. VAT
  • 60W 24V LED Driver

    KShs 1,900.00 Inc. VAT
  • 240W 24V LED Driver

    KShs 5,000.00 Inc. VAT
  • 100W 24V LED Driver

    KShs 2,500.00 Inc. VAT
  • 30W 12V LED Driver

    KShs 1,500.00 Inc. VAT

    30W, 12V Led Drivers, IP 67.

  • 350W 24V LED Driver

    KShs 5,500.00 Inc. VAT
  • 80W 24V LED Driver

    KShs 3,500.00 Inc. VAT
  • Dimmer for Led Strips- LT-3200-6A

    KShs 4,000.00 Inc. VAT

    LT-3200 is an intelligent dimmer specially designed for LED lighting, it adopted the PWM (pulse-width-modulation) digital brightness-adjusting technology that enables…