Paying for items.

You can pay for items on Lighting Solutions using Mobile Wallets (M-Pesa, Airtel Money), credit cards or debit cards. This is done through our partners, PesaPal Kenya. The other way to pay is using a Direct Bank Transfers.

While every care has been taken to ensure your safety and security online, we recommend that online financial transactions be carried out on your own device (as opposed to a cyber cafe or publicly used computer).

What are the delivery timelines?

For most parts of the country, our shipping partners will deliver the item WITHIN 48 HOURS of collection from our packaging center. You will receive a notification from the shipping carrier once the item has been received at the selected outpost.

I have not received my order.

If you ordered and paid for an item and haven’t received it, there are a few things you can do :

Login to your account dashboard and select ‘MY ORDERS’. Select the order and confirm its status as ‘COMPLETED’

Look for shipping information at the bottom of the order details page. Confirm that the order was picked up by our Shipping Partner and check for estimated date of delivery.

Confirm that the shipping address is valid and correct as well as the chosen nearest G4S service outpost.

If 72 hours have passed since the order pickup date indicated, please get in touch with our customer care using the telephone and email addresses provided.

What does the the order status mean?

After you place an order on the Lighting Solutions website, you may receive an email or your order page on your account may have one of the following status :

On hold  – Immediately after you’ve completed an order on the website BUT haven’t paid for it yet. This means we are reviewing your order while also awaiting confirmation of your payment. This is common when you select Direct Bank Transfer as the method of payment. Please note that if we do not receive confirmation of payment within 24 hours, your order will be cancelled and you will have to re-order the items again.

Payment Pending – This means we have reviewed your order BUT we still have not yet received confirmation of your payment for the same. Note that the payment confirmation may be delayed on our end and may not be instantly received.  Please wait for at least 30 mins before making a follow up call. If you have already paid, please DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER PAYMENT.

Processing – We have received and reviewed your order, and we have received confirmation of your full payment for the same. This status indicates that we are currently preparing your package for shipping according to the delivery instructions you selected. Please note that some payment methods (mobile wallets, VISA) are transacted very quickly and most orders paid for using this methods will have this status after completing the order process on the website.

Completed – Your order has been successfully processed, your payment has been received in full and your package has been collected from our packaging center by our shipping carriers for delivery to you. You should expect a call from the delivery agents for collection of your package within 48 hours.

Cancelled – Your order has been terminated and will not be processed further. This can be as a result of customer intervention or a neglected (unpaid) order.

Failed – The order has failed. This could also be as a result of a failed payment transaction (due to a wrong amount being paid or insufficient funds in the customers accounts), technical problems on the website or other issues. Kindly use the customer care contacts provided to get in touch with us for a resolution on this.