The Best Way to light your Bathroom
This one is for the ladies

It's the same dilemma every time:

You look a certain way in your bathroom mirror and then completely different everywhere else. But the problem isn’t your makeup skills; it’s your lighting, which, when done wrong, seriously affects your makeup routine. Fluorescents can make us put too much makeup on, and pink-tinted lights can make us miss spots. Our makeup studios (aka bathrooms) deserve better illumination, and so do our faces.

The best condition for applying makeup is a warm or natural light source. Natural sunlight provides the most accurate reflection of your face, but for those cloudy days when fresh rays aren't an option, white light is closest to daylight and is best for all types of content, according to Kaiser as it closely resembles the color spectrum of natural light while evenly distributing light across the entire face.

You can also play around with cool lighting as well, but LED lights are more efficient due to less heat, more light, and better quality.

When installing lights in your bathroom, you want to create cross illumination or side lighting to ensure that the light evenly diffuses across your whole face. Be aware of setting up lights solely above the mirror. They'll illuminate the forehead, forcing you to tilt your head too far up and making it difficult to apply makeup with precision.

Soft lights are going to be the most flattering and give the skin a smooth and airbrushed look.

Also, buying the right bulb is essential to creating the perfect atmosphere for makeup application. Let us just say, anything LED is the way to go.

Installing dimmers in your bathroom is also a fantastic way to customize and tailor your lighting environment.

Ladies, you know how important it is to look put together and not have your face look differently toned. Consider switching up your bathroom lights, we have various LED bathroom lighting options available. Shop here.

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