Planning Lighting for your Home (2)
Steps to follow to perfectly plan your home lighting

Let us pick up where we left off:

After establishing your lighting budget and selecting your theme or design type. We discussed layer lighting: considering accent, ambient and task lighting, and your now enlightened and open to learning and researching on new technologies and staying educated. What is next?

                               5. Start with the statement light

Once you have a theme in mind, start with the most visible item that will define the space, like a modern chandelier or pendant (this could be one of the splurge-worthy items). From there, choosing the remaining lighting in the same style as that fixture will help narrow the search.

                               6. Consider the requirements of each room

Since each room has its own function, some areas should naturally be more ambient, and others more task-oriented. For example, the bedroom would do well with more accent lighting, since it's a space for relaxation and sleep. The kitchen is the area for careful tasks like food preparation—so that space demands bright, functional lighting before anything else.

                              7. Be precise with measurements

Luckily, there are general and specific guidelines for sizing a fixture for a space. Once you have the basic dimensions of the space and its function, the math for finding the correct sized fixture is easily done. For example, kitchens and living rooms have different requirements; planning the lighting above a kitchen island is very different from choosing a large enough fixture to fill a living room.

                              8. Get creative

We've talked about specific types of lighting for each room, but sometimes it's okay to break the rules. Think outside a product's normal function and try unexpected applications—perhaps a pendant for a bedside lamp or an adjustable wall sconce as a task lamp in the kitchen.

                              9. Consider multi-functional lights

Now that we have decorative lighting covered, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty and discuss architectural lighting (i.e. recessed, dimmers, controls, and wall plates). Since we live in the digital age, we rely on many devices that require charging. These days, there are many sophisticated wall controls and outlets that allow for efficient energy consumption, that can also power our mobile devices.

                             10. Start designing!

The last and final step is to dive right into your home's lighting design. Getting the planning process going is often the hardest part, but with these helpful tips, you'll be installing a unique lighting scheme in no time.

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Planning Lighting for your Home
Steps to follow to perfectly plan your home lighting