Light Your Outdoors
Why Outdoor lighting matters

..We often advice that when ready to take your property to the next level with landscape lighting, or even just toying with the idea, always start small. 

Dip your toes by selecting one area of importance to light rather than the whole outdoors. This tends to be the backyard to add a level of security by warding off possible intruders. A very close second is illuminating areas and features that may be difficult or hazardous to navigate without outdoor lighting, such as pathways, stairways and steps. This adds a needed element of safety, allowing people to navigate a space easily. Adding light to your balcony staircase, a patio doorstep, or beautifully hardscaped steps to a pool or entertaining area eliminates danger and potential injury. Outdoor lighting also adds a beautification factor that can set a mood and truly make a home stand out while adding value to the property.

Does Landscape Lighting Work for Me?

Maybe you like the idea of adding landscape lighting, but you don’t think there is room or possibility of retrofitting into your landscape and hardscape design. This shouldn’t deter you in the slightest.

Landscape lighting is all about creativity and problem solving. A lot of the time, landscape lighting is added after the fact to existing structures and landscapes that weren’t necessarily designed with outdoor lighting in mind. Post lights, down lights or moon lights, and core lights are all fixtures used for outdoor step lighting that are invaluable to every landscape lighting system. 

With all that said, now you may be asking, “How do I choose which lighting fixture or technique is best for my application?” The long and short answer is not the simplest one. It all depends on how you are using the space where the steps or stairs are located and what effect you are trying to achieve beyond creating a safer environment. This is where chatting with a professional comes in handy—especially if you’re unsure of which lighting technique you want to use, which effect would look best, and what would be most effective overall. 

At Lighting Solutions Limited we pride ourselves in offering you the best advice by professionals with years of experience. You can bet on us to do so accordingly.
Do have a look at some of our projects (linked) just to get a look and feel of what we mean. Oh! Incase you aren't already aware it is definitely *free consultation* - everyone loves free stuff. Let us help you get your outdoors illuminated.

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