Light is powerful. It has an incredible power to transform almost everything. Lighting Solutions exists to maximize the potential of light to transform living, working, and social spaces from ordinary places to extraordinary environments. We manage this transformation process for our clients by providing them with concepts, designs,  equipment, and services that make it a reality. Our project areas include architectural lighting, decorative lighting,
indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and office lighting, among others.

Since our inception in 2007, we have witnessed the life changing power of light transforming office spaces, schools, hotels, and homes into very inspiring spaces. Our list of satisfied clients inspires us to carry on this mission of providing lighting solutions throughout East Africa.

We have the capacity to provide lighting design solutions for projects of any size. We also provide lighting fixtures and controls for use in lighting projects. In addition, we carry out energy audits because we believe that lighting along other energy uses, must not only be beautiful, but must also be eco-friendly.

Lighting Solutions Ltd is your partner of choice for all manner of lighting projects. If you want professionally designed, professionally installed, and professionally managed lighting services, look no further. We will put our
army of engineers, account managers, and consultants at your disposal. We have the perfect lighting solutions for you.


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